Warehousing services

Warehousing services

The warehouse of Forpost Terminal provides a wide range of services, including loading/unloading, picking and packaging, sorting, separation, consolidation of cargo, etc. The warehouse accepts almost all types of cargo and provides services with various levels of complexity.

Various types of cargo storage are possible at the terminal – in a closed warehouse, an open warehouse and a container yard. In turn, the closed-type ramps provide receipt and issue services in all weather conditions.

The warehouse technologically meets all the requirements and standards of the European Union for its class: the warehouse premises are equipped with a modern heating control system; installed cameras allow you to view warehouses and ramps as well as provide an opportunity to see the warehouse work online.

The terminal has railway access roads as well as a gantry crane with a carrying capacity of 33 tonnes, which can perform all necessary manipulations with containers and oversized cargo.

The warehouse also has a silo for 160 m3/215 t for short-term storage of bulk cargo.

The terminal regularly upgrades its equipment and develops its services. At present we are opening new warehouse areas equipped with shelving for 4,000 pallet positions on several floors equipped with a forklift and a lift.