Road transport services

Road transport services

Road transportation, as a fast and economical mode of cargo transportation, especially over short distances, is often a part of the logistics chain and is combined with sea and rail transportation, allowing delivery from door to door.

We offer road transportation services in the Baltic States, the CIS and Europe, and also have extensive experience in transport logistics and freight forwarding, which allows our company’s specialists to provide high-quality services for:

  • Domestic road transportation in the territory of Latvia
  • Transportation of import, export and transit cargoes
  • Multimodal transportation involving road, rail and sea transport
  • International road transportation in the territories of the CIS, the EU and the Baltic States

The company has a fleet of trucks, which includes the yards for containers and semitrailers of 92 m33.

Advantages of road transportation:

  • Road transportation is the most time efficient and mobile mode of transport, which guarantees the delivery of goods along the optimal route within a short time for short and medium distances
  • Road transportation makes it possible to deliver cargo “From door to door”, where the cargo is taken from the warehouse of the sender and delivered to the warehouse of the recipient
  • Small consignments of cargo are advantageous to send by road, as in this case it is possible to use small economical vehicles that reduce the cost of transportation
  • The modern fleet of road vehicles is diverse, it is always possible to choose the suitable transport for any cargo, even for particularly dangerous and large-size cargo, which is expensive and difficult to transport by other modes of transport